Human rights lawyer Deborah Manning leads fight over Western Springs pines – Stuff

A prominent human rights lawyer will face-off against Auckland Council this week over plans to cut down an ageing pine forest.

The issue arose in 2015, when the council determined the pines in Western Springs were past their life expectancy, declining rapidly and posed a risk to public safety. 

But Deborah Manning, a human rights lawyer who featured in the case of Algerian refugee Ahmed Zaoui, stands firmly against the project. 

“There are only a few trees at risk of falling that need to be managed in this forest,” she said.

“Clearfelling all 200 pine trees would destroy the understory of the forest, which includes many native flora and fauna.”

The understory refers to the layer of vegetation that grows between the forest canopy and the forest floor.

Manning wants the forest managed with a tree by tree assessment, which would involve removing only the trees deemed at risk of falling.

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