Auckland Council ‘disrespectful’ over felling pines – Otago Daily Times

Vaughan Clutterbuck has no problem with the removal of pine trees at Western Springs. It’s the “disrespectful” way Auckland Council is going about felling the trees that annoys him.

“This is a total sanctuary,” says Clutterbuck, whose home in West View Rd looks through the stagnating and dying pines to Western Springs lake and several prominent volcanic cones in the distance.

The council has been horrible neighbours to deal with, says the painting contractor, who was keeping an eye out this morning for work to begin on removing 13 trees considered to be at immediate risk of falling.

Workers from Treescape, the contractors employed by the council to fell the trees, and senior council arborist David Stejskal, were outside Western Springs Stadium this morning, but there was no sign of work starting.

“The destruction of 70 percent of this regenerating native bush would be a travesty in my mind merely to remove 200 trees,” said Clutterbuck, who is one of many people concerned with plans by the council to clearfell all the remaining pine trees in a 3.2ha block behind Western Springs lake.

The plan, supported by the Waitemata Local Board, is to remove the pines and replant thousands of native trees on the hillside.

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