Western Springs pine trees spared axe – for now

Thirteen huge pine trees that Auckland Council wants removed urgently have been given a stay of execution after outrage from locals and tree campaigners.

The council notified residents on West View Drive in Western Springs last week that the removal work would start today.

The pines are part of a group of 200 that the council had applied to remove last year.

So locals said they were shocked and confused when they received a notice last week that 13 trees had to be felled urgently and residents needed to evacuate their homes while the work was happening this week.

West View Drive resident Deborah Manning said they expected the tree felling to be dealt with through the proper consenting channels because this was an important area.

“This is a really special piece of ecology in Auckland just behind Western Springs lake. An urban forest of significant ecological import,” Ms Manning said.

“And so it’s really important before you interfere with the ecology that everybody is clear about what the impact is going to be, what we’re going to do, how and why.” …

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